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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Sessions are currently £40.00. I sometimes have some low-cost spaces available - please contact me if you would be interested in these.

How long will therapy last?
Psychotherapy can be long term and open ended, or time limited. This is your decision and is something we can review together.

How long is each session?
Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes at a regular agreed time. These are usually weekly but, if more frequent sessions are required, this can be discussed.

Why work with a psychotherapist in training?
It takes around seven years to train as a fully qualified psychotherapist. The training on a UKCP accredited programme, such as the MA in humanistic psychotherapy at BCPC, has many stages. Following a thorough theoretical grounding, and a sustained period working within a placement agency, BCPC trainees are ready to set up in private practice. This practice is developed slowly over time and is closely supervised by a UKCP registered supervisor. In this period of building up their practice trainees are able to offer low cost sessions.

This provision makes psychotherapy more affordable for those people who are not otherwise able to access private psychotherapy or counselling services. It also offers possibilities for long term work - something that is increasingly limited within the NHS.

Psychotherapy trainees are highly committed to developing their understanding of both the theory and practice of therapy. They are well placed to look at contemporary ideas about the power of the unconscious, our ways of being in relationships, our patterns of behaviour and so on; and to apply these ideas to the realities of day to day life.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?
These terms are often used interchangeably.Despite some differences in training methods and theoretical approaches, in practice, there are many overlaps between the two.

However, psychotherapy tends to be longer term than counselling and has the potential to go into greater depth. An exploration of the relationship between client and therapist is also generally given more priority in psychotherapy.

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